How Does The Northern & Southern Hemisphere Actually Relate To Travelling?

Something that has always been apparent when planning to travel is that it is extremely important to gather knowledge of the location that you want to visit. Some words that you may have seen thrown about during your research are ‘northern and southern hemisphere’. To help you understand what this actually means in terms of travelling, I will sum up below!

What Is The Earth’s Hemisphere?

The first step to navigating on your own path around Earth is knowing what hemisphere you are currently in. Different hemispheres on earth have different climates, this is because of the season tilt that tilts towards and away from the sun. Stars can appear different across Earth due to this tilt and navigation can be easier depending on season, location and climate.

There are considered four hemispheres on this planet and are named accordingly; Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere. The equator (the line of 0 degrees latitude) separates both the northern and southern hemisphere.

What Continents Are In The Northern Hemisphere?

The northern hemisphere contains North America, the northern part of South America, Europe, most of Asia and ⅔’s of South America.

What Continents Are In The Southern Hemisphere?

The Southern Hemisphere contains most of South America, one-third of Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and some Asian islands.

northern and southern hemisphere

Climate Differences for both North and South Hemisphere

Here in the UK we are based within the Northern Hemisphere, which lies north of the equator. Our warmer months begin around June and temperatures start to drop in September. This is opposite to the Southern Hemisphere, where summer begins in December and actually ends in March. This is why in England when we celebrate Christmas it is cold and miserable outside, however locations similar to New Zealand are surrounded by beautiful blue skies.

So, When Should You Decide To Go Travelling?

Now you are enlightened by all things hemispheres, you might actually like to plan the date of your travel. It is useful to know that tourism in a country actually increases during the hotter months. This means you should ideally plan to travel just before the heat kicks in. So if you are planning on visiting any locations within the Northern Hemisphere, aim to arrive in May/June for some warm weather before the increased arrivals in summer. In the Southern Hemisphere you should aim to arrive around late October for delightful warm weather and extra time to settle in before footfall increases!

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