how to become a seo beginner

Everything A SEO Beginner Will Need To Know

When starting SEO either for yourself, a client or even just for the knowledge, these are the basics you should learn. We specialize in SEO Hampshire!

Google Algorithms Constantly Change

If there is one piece of knowledge you should learn before you start, it’s that google algorithms constantly change.
For some of you starting this could be news to you, as you can never fully crack SEO! This means to stay up to date you’re going to need to put time and effort in to consolidate your knowledge in the world of SEO.

You’ll continuously see this scenario; one day you could be ranking in the top three for ‘road traffic signs’, only to have a look the next day to see you’ve dropped down 13 rankings.
This drop in rankings can be down to a number of factors, including a change in the google algorithm. A simple change can be that instead of quality backlinks linking to the page that plays an important part in rankings, google has placed more emphasis on a sites domain authority.

So when you’re completing your SEO, it’s important to stay positive, keep up to date with current SEO news and ensure you have quality work.

Know The Site Your Working On

Before starting anything too in-depth, as a SEO beginner it’s important to make sure that the site you are working on, is user friendly. Make sure there is nothing on the site that can impact user experience.

To find most errors, use a seo spider to crawl a website.
This can point out errors such as 404’s, duplicate headings and images over 100kb that will slow down your browser. All information that is flagged to you on a SEO spider should be fixed. Other negatives that aren’t picked up on some ‘spiders’ are; not enough content, bad formatting and irrelevant context. All of this information, if not correctly implemented will negatively impact organic rankings.

Have Good Quality Keywords

Good, quality keywords attract the right customers.
In general, you want a low bounce rate %. If your main keyword is ‘traffic jam’, although your content or product is designed to be aimed at consumers looking for ‘road traffic signs’ you’re attracting the wrong audience. This means that they will click onto your URL, have a quick glance at the site and quickly realize it isn’t what they’re looking for. And the consumers that are looking for ‘road traffic signs’ aren’t being directed to your site due to the poorly chosen keyword.

When you are choosing keywords for your site, make sure they are relevant, related and have a decent amount of search volume.

Correct Metadata

Metadata nicely ties in with our previous topics.
When you have chosen your relevant, related keywords, it’s time to adapt the metadata. This is the title and description you see for a site when searching something on google.
Your keyword should be presented as one of the first words in your meta title, also it should be in the first line of your meta description. This is so google can see what your topic is closely related to.

As with everything google, the proposed length of your metadata is constantly changing. For now, I would input no more than 68 characters for your meta title, and no more than 158 characters for your meta description.

Having Really Good Backlinks

As a SEO Beginner, you might not know that backlinks are links from a different site, to your own site.
The only links worthy of having are ‘follow’ backlinks, as this gives your site power and can build up your domain authority. It’s important that any backlinks that you have are relatable to the content on your own pages.
This means that if you are selling ‘traffic signs’, make sure the pages linking to your site, are similar.
To ace your backlink strategy, read this guide to totally dominate!

Become More Than Just A SEO Beginner

Now that you have nailed some basics of SEO, you can start to see some results. Hopefully from month-month you can see yourself change from a SEO beginner, to an expert! If you are looking for more information on How To Survive The World Of SEO, visit JollowMedia!

how 2 survive seo basics

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